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Perfect for Baptisms, Communions, Weddings, Graduations and so much more! 

*the embroidery is only on one side of the mask

 GT Stitchery’s masks are made out of cotton fabric and soft, stretchy nylon for the ear loops.  Masks are machine washable but I recommend you air dry to prevent from shrinking.  I do not preshrink the mask fabric to allow for shrinkage for those who may be in between sizes and need a slightly smaller fit. These masks are made with a pocket inside to allow for a filter to be used (filters not included or required).  The CDC recommends that children under 2 years old not wear a mask.  There are 5 different sizes to accommodate almost every face.  With many different prints, solids, and character fabrics, a handful of embroidery fonts, and 5 different sizes to pick from, we hope you will find one you love!  Each mask is custom made just for you! 


XS Kids (Made for teeny tiny kids.  Most popular for 2 year olds.)

Kids (2-9 year olds)

Adult Small (10 years + - Adults.  Most popular size for women.  I wear this size.)

Adult M-L (Most popular size for men.  My husband wears this size.)

Adult XL (Extra Large size.  For longer and wider faces or quarantine beards!)


The CDC does not recommend children under two wear masks.  These masks are not FDA approved.  Returns are not accepted at this time due to sanitary reasons. Please contact me if you have any issues with your purchase.